Our Mission
The aim is to use sports as a platform to better the living standard of the children and youth and support the needy through donors and wellwishers
Our Vision
Promote sports for development in the remote area with aim of providing entrepreneurial skills and employability oppotunities which will encourage education, Soccer talent search and healthy living as well reducing poverty rate and fight for the food security in our communities
Our Story

The ‘Muraykeeper was Co-founded by Dennis Bosingwa who was inspired through his traveling experience and got influenced to share the experiences with the community to strengthen football skills, livelihood sustainability to enhance social relationships, good environment, and peacebuilding.

Muray- a friend's name who help in the implementation of the ideas and to keep the image of sports for development by helping in fundraising and connections.

Keepers- I'm a goalkeeper, always the strength of a goalkeeper is to oversee, the first coach in the field, to encourage others, to correct, to face and accept challenges, a role model in the field, and the first person to celebrate the victory. This is my drive to make a positive change in my community to develop and empower youths, make a change, develop more talents and role models, to peace build and unite my people.

The main purpose for Muraykeeper is to use sports as a primary tool to develop and empower youths through entrepreneurship skills and employability in the community, provide life skills integration activities such as HIV and Violence prevention, education support, female empowerment, and gender equality. The ‘Muraykeeper seeks assistance from well-established soccer clubs, businesses organization or companies, and foundations, we try to work in collaboration and partner with other institutions to help us in donating sports equipment,nt and raise funds to better the living standards of the youths and support the needy through sports.

All soccer equipment is then packaged up and distributed to our soccer in the communities in need in the remote areas of Kenya and all money raised will be used to fund a variety of projects which support sports, volunteers transport, education, and the well-being of indigenous youths living with a disability.