" Is football more than a kick for a ball? I personally consider soccer to be a great training for life, because in both fields you are mistaken, you lose, you lose ... and the most valuable lesson you can learn when playing football is that in front of All of this, the only solution is to get up, learn and try again. This is the best training we can offer our players. "

Sergi Martínez Mestre

"In my opinion, football is a very educational tool, to convey values ​​such as teamwork, the ability to distribute tools and to involve all players, the work to be done or the work to be done. This is a very important task for the coach, especially for younger children where he needs to be able to make all his players understand that all of them need to be important in his part and team. From there, there are other values ​​that are very important to me personally, such as the value of the spirit of self-improvement, of work and not staying with comfort or relaxation. That is why it is always important that there is a figure like that of the coach, who should act as a guide for all players at any time. All this I think gives children vital learning, which will not only be useful in the world of sports, but, as I always tell all my players, it will be worth it for life In any area, because you always have to have, in my opinion, a spirit of self-improvement and always want to do the best you can to have the best reward. I think it is vital for a coach, who, after all, deals with children many hours, who can also give them important values ​​for life, such as the law of effort and enjoy the opportunity to teach. or guide in which all work must have or will have its reward."

Jordi Salmeron Luque
Coach Unió Futbol base Jabac Terrassa, Spain

"Are we really aware of what football generates, sports? As a professional of sport and physical activity, I affirm that football like any other sport is NOT a simple competition. Football brings us some habits, creates new social bonds, arouses emotions, moves us, in short it helps us grow. The importance of girls and boys moving is vital in premature and adolescent ages, this generates habits for a lifetime. Moreover, if we promote values at the time of practice, they become meaningful learning for each of these."

Quim Bartolomé i Espinola
Second coach
Physical trainer
Youth B Female RCD Espanyol , Spain

"My name is Adrián Guerrero, and I am the current coach of the Cerdanyola del Vallés Benjamín. I also act as the performance coordinator of the football stage 7 and I am responsible for catching the same stage. I am a CAFE graduate and level 2 coach for the federation. I always say that football is the most important thing of the least important things! This means that while important, there are other things that are more important. I have always believed in sports as a means of instilling values of work and sacrifice, values that can be extrapolated later in life, and things that are really important, such as study, family and social education!"

Adrian Guerrero
Cerdanyola fc, Spain

"EDUCATION-FOOTBALL-KIDS Life itself is full of rules, among them are social, moral ... which used with an ethical dimension, of spontaneous use, accepted by society and which at the same time are not written such as legal or legal. In this case, formed by the children-education-soccer trio, a link is created with the aforementioned, daily contact with teammates or club members fuels respect, discussions, coexistence with the person I have at my side. Sharing the same objective, knowing and thus feeling belonging to a work group, where not only my opinions or decisions will be unique, valued by a majority of which new opinions and repercussions will be born. This part is always within my own group, my own team, which at the same time each weekend will face a group of equals who fight for their goals. This dispute will be regulated by a regulation that will be written, and that in the same way I must respect it. The sum of all this, together with the taste of defeat, effort, frustration, commitment and many more values that football brings us, and which, at the same time, has so much in common with our daily life, becomes obligatory experience for our young athletes, not only in soccer, but in the entire sports field."

Professional Goalkeeper Coach (RFEF) (CD.Castellón), Spain
Primary school teacher

"Is football just a sport for children, or can it provide something like education or benefits for a better future?   As a coordinator and coach of goalkeepers, as well as a former goalkeeper and lifelong supporter of professional football, thanks to my long experience of dealing with children and not so children, I can say that the practice of sports, in particular Football, in all of them (goalkeepers / players) is not only used to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, but also goes beyond it, making them learn to manage frustrations and emotions. in your day to day life.   Accepting situations, such as results, substitutions, mistakes, etc., and in different roles within a team, helps them to understand that there are people with different virtues, always based on self-respect and for others, and in this sense, fellowship means that everyone helps one another and grows with values.   All of this is a life-long learning of football and, in general, all sports, especially those of a team. Also, on a more technical level, they learn to accept rules and play based on them, reaching their limits for common benefit; to overcome individually, but always thinking of the team to help it compete as best as possible.   Finally, football can be used by everyone, including coaches, to encourage teamwork, personal improvement, co-education, effort, know-how to win and know-how to lose, solidarity, etc. , leaving aside the bad labels and valuing the profits and fruits that this sport brings us and that we directly report to others to contribute, all together, to a better society.   Long live football and its values!   "

Jose Abril Alvarez
Goalkeeper Coach and Coach (FCF) Sant Cugat F.C., Spain

"My name is Ousmane. I'm 23 years old and I'm a goalkeeper coach for the Girona FC cadet stage. For my football it is everything. Yes, absolutely everything. My education, my day to day and even my way of being are shaped by everything that this sport implies, since it does not educate better or worse than another sport, but in relation to me and my demarcation (goalkeeper) it teaches me every day. ; to be regular in everything I do, since as in life is everything today and now and what happened yesterday nobody sadly remembers, to be disciplined, to be respectful of others and above all to be decisive with what one wants. To all those goalkeepers who are passionate about goalkeeping, I encourage you to live every day with the maximum illusion of continuing to have illusions and to fight to improve 1% in each training and thus every day of your life. Success is not reaching the top, success is reaching the maximum of each one."

Ousmane Mballo
Goalkeeper coach, Spain

"First of all, I would like to clarify that sport in general, such as basketball, tennis, volleyball or soccer itself, is not health, if correct, socially, sport has been wrongly associated with health, but this is not the case in our country. Society sports generally leads to early specialization, abandonment of the practice in adolescence, muscular decompensations, increased percentage of injuries among other factors related to sports. Health as such is related to physical exercise (it must be a global, cyclical, continuous, intense, repeated, varied and fun exercise).

Once I make this small nuance, I intend to try to answer the question "What can football contribute to the education and future of children". It is a difficult question to answer, since we have to generalize to be able to answer it. First of all we must be clear that any activity that children do generates benefits and inconveniences, as adults our function is that these children learn what society understands as best. In my opinion I think that sport has to be a source of reinforcement for parents' education regarding; fairplay values, socialization, healthy habits. But does this really happen? From my humble point of view, in a specific context, I think that no, in most cases parents / trainers use sport as a daycare tool and other times they favor the development of personal ego, and learning contents as the values ​​of fairplay, socialization and healthy habits no one works, but why?

I think there are two fundamentals that support the previous paragraph.
- Coaches, there is not enough training, the system is organized in this way, training a team of little ones does not give prestige, is not well valued, is not well rewarded, this means that most well-trained coaches progress forward, leaving room for new coaches (very often 16-20 year old coaches with hardly any training).
- Family members, there is a distorted concept of sport on the part of society, parents do not believe that sport can help their children to be better people, which causes them to often act in different ways, nursery format (they do not care), representative format (they educate him in the ego, they move him from club constantly, they prioritize personal benefit over that of the team), overprotective format (it rains you are not going to train, they are going to hurt you…)"

Gerard Batlle
Graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (CAFyD)
Coach at ATL academies. Madrid (summer)
Ex-2n Coach RCD Espanyol Femení
Ex-Director Goalkeepers Area UE Llagostera

"The end justifies the means? Can you imagine that we arrived a day, in which the sports flag is governed by that rule? It would simply stop being SPORT, because along the way we would ignore one of the most important things ... the values ​​that it brings us. The term sport takes relevance using it in its maximum exponent and this is achieved by relating it to the implicit values ​​it carries, and we are the agents who work on it (parents, players, coaches, federations ...) who are responsible for reaching it.

The greatness of sport is based on a premise and rule, the equality of all athletes regardless of their color , their purchasing power or their conditions. This is the main starting point of education in it. With this premise we come to words like ...Integration to relate and enrich ourselves from different cultures and ways of thinking. Fellowship for peak performance and treating everyone as equal Respect for all equals of a team Sacrifice to be able to grow in an environment of equal athletes within each modality.

We would not be fooling anyone, if we say that based on the values ​​and education that sport brings, we can have a marked line in our day to day and in our lives. Life does not stop being the time we have to achieve what we want to be and those goals we want to achieve, to be happy. To get to all of this we trace a path, a path that, as much as we don't want to, will be full of obstacles, which will transform us to be better and be able to overcome them and continue advancing on our path. Now you will be thinking ... and what is this roll about? It comes to that in order to reach our goals in life, the tools we need are those that sport can provide us. Life is like sport and sport is like life. We will not achieve anything in life if we are conformist people ... and in sports? Exactly the same. We will not achieve anything in sport if we are not humble and we are open to learning ... and in life? Exactly the same. With camaraderie, respect, demand, humility, perseverance and effort both in life and in sport are the tools we will need to overcome all obstacles to get where we want. With all this ... I come to the following conclusion and reflection ... Being a GOOD athlete, which is not only having good skills, is being a good person and a person prepared to face his life successfully.

Coach Juvenil A JABAC TERRASSA,Spain


" My take on importance soccer and education.In our area crime rate was high as they say idle mind is a devil's workshop so we decided to engage youths on sports particularly football to keep their minds busy with training and that's has been fantastic for us because more youths are joining the foundation.we also take them to school through scholarship programs,this has helped the community alot because their children are now able acquire education at the same time live a healthy lifestyle and the community is at peace devoid of crime."

Francis Ochollah

"I have been coaching since my second year in high school to date. I got the opportunity to be trained in Germany in 2013 and got UEFA B coaching license from the DFB. I have had the experience of coaching many High schools and clubs in kenya and in USA. The most impact has been in my club in Oyugis town where we have been able to get over 200 youths get education through soccer scholarship in high schools to date most of the beneficiaries are working in various places in the country and outside. Some are the volunteers working with the club to see that we continue to work with the community to date. Our main objective is that the people we mentor through the coaching program will be good role models in the community and anywhere they go to. Because I am also a Life Skills trainer I am able to pass most of the key values in life to the players I interact with and that is why I have had the opportunity opportunity to work in many areas."

Maurice Omoya Aoko

"My take is to coach youth goalkeepers from various category under 9/12) 14/16) 18/23 and what is important to me is to educate on what it takes to be good goalkeepers in their community and i have already produced three from youth goalkeepers now there playing in top flight football in Kenya and i have attended various coaching courses one is basic coaching 2 level 1 goalkeeper trainer and CAF C diploma."

Fredrick Onyango Ouma
Goalkeeper Coach, CHEMELIL FOOTBALL CLUB, Kenya


"Using football as a education tool, to change one of the biggest country in the world. Working for the first country in the world to make football become as a school subject, is more than a challenge, since 2015 having experience as a head coach in Taiwan Premier League, youth academies in China and Chinese Football Association. Football is a tool that can change the education, mentality and life values of one person or society and is what’s happening in China. Since kindergartens until high school, the students are playing football, learning to share, respect, make effort, be creative or disciplined... When we coach, we have to understand, that we are essential part of the player’s development, that if he/she has not potential in older ages to be professional, football will give them values that will make them grow for their future."

Jacinto Cejudo
U15 Head Coach At Football Association in Shenzhen, China

"Many times we are not aware of what football means for the education of our young people. Children start playing very young without knowing why, they only have the desire to have the ball near their feet and kick it. But even at that moment the children are already learning many things that go beyond just kicking or passing that ball. In my experience, football is the greatest learning and integration tool for many children in the world. Thanks to football, children learn values such as respect for the opponent, effort, companionship, etc. And they learn all of this through play, having fun and acquiring the habit of a healthy life. We as coaches have the mission of guiding these children along the best way, the way that FOOTBALL marks for us."

Fermin Alonso Cañellas
Former Coach of the China U-14 Women's National Team, China

"Football is the best sport I know. I consider it as a game, actually the most important game in my life. Most kids start playing football when they are really young, as I did. Just enjoying, meeting new people, just for fun. I think football teaches you vital values, either for sport and your own life. Then, the years pass, we grow up and start having our own team with whom we play, we compete, we enjoy... and these facts make you a better person, with responsabilities and duties. Football gives you a healthy and fit way of life. A way of living that makes you love it even more and that keeps you in the good path and helps you in your life. In my case, football has given me many chances, new and amazing experiences, the opportunity to travel around the world and meet people from different cultures, and today i can only say that I’m extremely grateful to it.

Marc Gamon
Coach KC Southern District de la Premier league de Hong Kong